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If you're new to this kind of sex toy, select and adjustable or extremely versatile cock ring. You never know exactly how they will make you feel... and if you encounter any pain, you will want to get them off straight away! Non-adjustable rings will not go away (easily) until your erection does.


You can get all different kinds of rings, and they're budget friendly enough that you might as well experiment to find your favourite type! Varieties consist of:

- Easy cock rings that go about the penis and balls all in one - Those that separate the balls - Vibrating cock rings - Rings with built in butt wands - Rings with weights that swing off your balls

Yee haa! The most essential thing to spend attention to at first, although, is that the ring will come apart sufficient to release your old boy from his prison.


Here's the regular technique for utilizing an adjustable ring:

- Place it on when your erection is at semi-strength - Simply stretch, clip or button away - Take the ring off after about 10 minutes the initial time you use it.

And for a non-adjustable ring:

- Place it on when completely flaccid - Place one testicle through the ring, then the other - Place your penis via subsequent, and hold the ring in place till your penis is difficult sufficient to do that work for you - Know that you will require to get rid of your erection in about 20 minutes, or danger capillary harm, bruising and loss of sensation.

Help! It Will not Come Off!

If you can't lose your erection and the cock ring is beginning to hurt, attempt icing down your penis initial.

If ice does not do the trick, a pair of good scissors, or even some bolt cutters may work. I am sure I do not require to caution you to be cautious with sharp implements about your most precious asset!

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