How to build a strong friendship

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To have a strong friendship with someone, you need to work for it and know the secrets. Strong friendships don't come overnight, so you need to consider what you can do to make sure they are strong. First of all, you need to know to find friends with very different backgrounds. They must accept and value their experience. Often, people mistakenly consider themselves friends with people who share almost everything. On the contrary, people can build friendships with many. This is one of the reasons friendship is full of spice and conspiracy. The first advice to build a strong relationship is to consider its background and differences. Accept them as is. For example, if you haven't caught up with the mistakes you have made, you will never find someone who is your friend. Therefore, this is the first secret you need to remember. Some of our close friends have differences that cannot be understood even on the way. You don't need to understand, but just accept it.
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Another tip or secret of strong friendship is how to treat friends. The golden rule remains the same and must always be treated the way others think. This rule ensures that selfish assault is not controlled. Only strong friendships bring this. As humans, you must live and let others live. If you practice it, you will certainly find yourself in a relationship. Also discover that you will be a better and happy person in life. This is mainly because your consciousness is clear. Another thing that strengthens your relationship is forgiveness and excuses. If you find yourself doing something wrong. It is important to recognize it and apologize first. You should do it sincerely so that it really is in your interest. Then your friend decides to take responsibility for you or forgive you.
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Strong friendship is not far from perfection, it is an excuse and forgiveness that many people need to stay alive. After forgiveness, there is another step that many will likely forget. At this point, you let go of yourself. It is very important to let go. Often, if your friends hurt you, you can't forget your activities even after forgiveness. Time can heal the wound, but it can take some time. The power to let go is in you and you need to let go when you are ready. Try to spend time together to build a really strong friendship.