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From the predominately flashy colors and their beauty even in tropical fish, Lami Rezi is long-loved, which has been called "jewel in water". Cobalt Blue Lamy Regis is particularly powerful in blue coloration, and is a kind of blue like ocean.

Necessary info such as how to manage, feed, reproduction, life span of such cobalt blue lamy resini was summarized.

Rami, also known by the nickname of "lam," currently has a selection of enhanced varieties. The Cobalt Blue Lamy Regis is a kind that enhances the coloration of blue, and the vivid and vivid blue reminds us of a paradise as if coming to a tropical resort.

Dwarf Shikrid's Cobalt Blue Lamy Regi's does not grow that a lot. As the color of blue increases as you grow, you can fully enjoy the enjoyable of breeding.

For male and female discrimination, a male with a long spine and a powerful coloring is a male, and a female with a brief spine and a plump belly. By the way, it will be relatively simple to identify females as they will have a pink to red marriage when the breeding season comes.

There is a lot of fighting even among the same kind, and enough shelter (waterweed) is necessary

Cobalt Blue Lamy Residue is somewhat temper and is not suitable for mixed swimming because it often sticks to other fish. Even among the same species, it does not change, and males frequently compete as a matter of course, so let's place a lot of materials that can be hideouts such as aquatic plants.

It is a tropical fish with a great presence, so it is a stunning waterscape even if the number is small.