How to start a kids toy car slowly

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Have you ever bought a toy car for kids just disappointed with the stunning speed? Try this ingenious life trick before throwing this toy without returning it to the attic or closet. Let's see how to move this toy from GO to Slow!
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When it comes to speeding up these cars, it's about how much juice your car has and how long it can take. Most manufacturers play safely and restrict these cars. Beyond the limit, something goes wrong and the risk increases. When talking about the activities of this fun and exciting association, we warn you that if you do not do it carefully you can damage your car. If the toy car is initially higher than 6 V, this hack may not work, the so-called. Due to the H-bridge, this is a bit more advanced and will not be discussed here. are you ready? Grab the driver and safely unlock the toy car (and you can reassemble!)
Pro Tip: Before you get inside the toy car, take out the container with all the screws and take a picture on the phone. Putting it all back really helps, trust me!

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When opened, you will see at least three components: Battery, motor, and switch / control board. The control board requires a microcontroller chip (small black chip). In a perfect world, you know the voltage limits of all components before applying higher voltages. However, since this tip is often the weakest link, we use it as a safety indicator of the amount of juice that can be safely pushed into a toy car.
This chip needs a serial number that can be used to determine the voltage it can handle. Once you know the voltage limit, start the Frankenstein experiment, lower the battery voltage and add a larger or larger battery, such as a 9V battery.
Pro Tip: After connecting all the batteries to the car, you should check before the batteries work before assembling the whole car. If you can't afford to put the car back and put in an extra battery, try the cable and electrical tape and get the MacGyver in the car. Keep this in mind when connecting multiple batteries in series or in series. This means that you need to make sure you connect the new battery to the negative terminal of the old battery with the positive terminal and vice versa. However, a quick search on Google will ensure a successful search.
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That's all! Toy cars are said to be more fun and exciting. Teach your child monk ks as your child's car is updated and have fun laughing at neighbors' faces.