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Oil drilling market is considered as the most delicate industries in the world. With the improving demand for services of natural gas and oil various companies continuously anticipate improve the manufacture of existing wells. China will be the first country which drilled oil wells which were depth about 800 feet. Since it's started the need for oil and propane increases very quickly as well as in return oil industry benefited a great deal over the years. However the first oil drilling method originated in 1859 by Edwin L. Drake. This contemporary method is still used and is the best method of oil production. Since 1859, around 800 billion barrels of oil has been used by the world and also this makes it probably the most growing industries around the globe.

Today using the advancement of technology and new techniques drillers can reach even those reservoirs which were considered as unreachable. Geologists play a vital role in oil drilling process because they are the individual that finds the best area for drilling based on his knowledge and experience. They may work on contract basis or independently with specific company. They're skilled professionals who studied concerning the rock and terrains to be able to select the best location or oil bed for drilling process.

The key objective of oil drilling rig manufacturers is always to generate the oil and crude petroleum gases from the earth crust. Oil is found in its liquid or semi- solid state (by means of tar). The reservoirs where crude oil is present could be a large number of feet underground and so only through drilling process it could be reached underneath the surface. The oil can be drill by from the following drilling process:

• Offshore Drilling: In this process special oil drills called increase rigs are used at the depth of 200 feet when depth reaches 2000 feet under, the rigs are adhere to the ocean floor with all the air filled bags. Furthermore there are a few drill ships designed to use sophisticated navigational equipments to find out towards the depth of 8000 feet. However there are numerous companies who are accused for that violation of the Clean Water Work as they continuously spread toxic chemicals and noxious gases in to the water that harm marine life as well as other wildlife endangering near internet websites. This method is extremely similar to the other methods utilized on land.

• Rotary Drilling: It is the most frequent oil drilling technique used today. You can recognize with a rotating turntable on the base plus a tall oil derrick. Special mud which helps to tug the rock cutting and lubricates the drill bit can also be requires in rotary drilling process. The mud can be quite a mixture of water, clay plus some chemicals.

Other processes for oil drilling are percussion drilling and horizontal drilling. The operation is a long time as it sometimes takes years to drill the oil wells and also the whole process is very tedious and sophisticated that serves energy worldwide.