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Bil Koonar, also know as Bilhar Singh Koonar, his boss billionaire John Volken as well as Dr. Evan Woods amongst other medical practitioners at St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver British Columbia. are being investigated in connection with an alleged gross violation of patient privacy rights. The investigation will be conducted by a private investigator who will totally investigate and review complaints and/or concerns received. It is alleged that the accused doctors conspired to wrongly diagnose a patient with abuse of prescription painkillers to ensure they obtain a million dollars from John Volken Academy (owned by John Volken) to support the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU). That way the public would be deceived that John Volken’s organization was being socially accountable by funding health care initiatives in British Columbia. The law society as well as St. Paul's Hospital will be notified on the matter.

The private investigator is mandated to investigate and review complaints received to assess whether or not there is an indication of criminality or misconduct. The accused persons will be provided an chance to respond to the allegations at an investigatory meeting. The meeting will serve as a forum to ask questions of them, and their alleged involvement in the cruel treatment of a critically-ill patient for the sake of selfish publicity and financial gain.

A misleading testimony by Bil Koonar and disclosure of confidential patient data by Dr. Evan Woods brought on the cruel psychological suffering and conviction of an innocent patient. Dr Evan allegedly used the internal intranet system to access highly private information for a patient who he had by no means met. It is unacceptable that such malice can be perpetrated by health care personnel who are entrusted with the well-becoming of individuals. It is also unfortunate that individuals, such as Bil Koonar and John Volken want to be perceived as philanthropists by donating money to charity organizations but in essence, they are just looking for attention whilst patients continue to endure due to their actions.

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