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File:Http:// n94Cm82iZt5Y2Dg Avoo2UWTbuHJzs6Pa0OU91rw&height=224Rating people, their skills, their abilities, their look, etc. are incredibly old activity in person history. It goes go back in 1800s that individuals used such rating system. The best using rating system obtained in field of research. Another hot field was beauty contest and models rating. During 1990s C-band satellite channel had broadcasted a rating program ?Perfect 10?. They featured only ladies who ranked 10 for attractiveness. These contests shot to popularity throughout 1990s.

Types of Rating Sites

There are wide ranging kinds of parameters for rating but a majority of used kinds of rating sites are listed below:

Business Rating Sites: When you are searching actively for a few goods and services you'll use business rating sites. Yelp is very large name on this category. You will find top 5 listing coming through the Yelp advertisements by connecting specific searches in Google or Yahoo! People love to review their experiences or feeling for particular product or services on Yelp and like sites. Shopping, restaurant, health, food, entertainment, etc. categories can be purchased.

Movie Rating Sites: People prefer to see best movie in doing so that they need info about to movie. There are many the way to get more information on movies and movie review sites are usually among the finest solutions to make it happen. You can get instant idea whether specific movie is extremely good by simply thinking about its ratings and if you're enthusiastic about more detail information search for movie reviews produced by users. Rotten Tomatoes, The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Blippr Movies, Yahoo Movies, etc should be movie rating sites.

Book Rating Sites: Books will still be read lots, not simply printed but digital too. Book rating sites allow website visitors to rate, recommend and receive suggestions for books. You will find the classification of books dependant on plot, setting, character, and way of writing.

Product Rating Sites: Product rating sites are biggest as the name indicated. They vary in line with the sorts of product. Some sites rating dependant on consumer satisfaction, price tags, after sales services, is among the examples which provides coverage for products from small-scale to big scale industries. gives rating and reviews of items.

Game Rating Sites: Gaming is amongst the big industries itself. People wish to play games perform rating plus some reviews regarding it. Some games cost nothing although some are way too expensive therefore, before choosing taking a look at rating and reviews helps lots.,, etc. are great sites for rating and reviews.

Wine Rating Sites: Wine rating sites allows individuals to easily rate wines and locate wines depending on rating, price or place sold (restaurants, bars, wine bars, liquor stores, grocers, etc.). It then lists wines rated by others, selectable by wine type.,, etc are wonderful wine rating sites.

Apart readily available sorts of rating sites there are lots of types intended for rating categories. But all rating sites aren't perfect by themselves. Many sites lack features that will prevent multiple rating on the same users. However there aren't any guaranties that genuine users are giving rating, as an illustration gives rating for school or college professors but we could?t claim that always students giving rating not other professors.

Now you could have question what technology is suitable for such big scale websites development. ASPDOTNET can be a technology that may be used to formulate rating sites development. It has all features on the market to come up with a success for such sort of development. It is platform independent together with multi-language supporting platform that permit you to make your application in every language. It is dynamic language so support dynamic page generation for rating sites. It is server side scripting thereby improve the performance at user level. ASPDOTNET Development will be the final answer to build up rating sites.