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The phenomenon of digital photography started when digital

cameras became commercially available sometime in the late

1980s towards the mid-1990s.

Since then, a great deal of individuals have piled away their movie

cameras in their closets and only the camera.

But before moving into the camera itself and its

Greater details, it is very important to understand what digital

photography is.

The bottom line is, digital photography will be the act of taking

pictures and saving it into a digital format. A scanned

photograph, for that reason, can be thought to be an electronic

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Most people like the digital format over film as a result of

A few reasons. To begin with, seeing the outcomes of

digital photographs is instantaneous.

After the shot is taken, the photographer can immediately

see and determine if he does or does not like the consequence of his

Photo. This method is much cheaper than film because when

using film, you've got to print each of the photographs taken

including the duds that may not be seen until they're


Another reason why people choose digital pictures than

Old-fashioned ones is that there are a variety of ways in

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You can send it through it email, burn it to a disc, send

it via Bluetooth or print it much like film pictures.

But, you will find purists who choose film photos over

Electronic types. Based on them, there film images

Create more realistic pictures than those taken by electronic

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But the heightened cameras of today are gradually

but surely gaining ground and it'll only be a matter of

time before they create images that may impress even the