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Traditionally, engagement rings are thought of as some thing for women, but today, males are increasingly receiving engagement rings before marriage, as well. However, numerous males do not want diamond encrusted engagement rings. Rather, simple and understated rings make the statement just as nicely, but they also might be more practical and stylish for the man in your life.

If you are searching for mens engagement rings to give to your fiancé, you might want to consider just a easy band with some decorative etching, maybe embossed or even plain. For instance, one thing you might want to do is to have a pet phrase between you two engraved on the ring, or the date of the engagement -- some thing that is going to be unique and individual, but not flashy.

If your man does want some thing more elaborate, two-toned rings that use two various sorts of metal such as white and gold medal, or a gold with bronze intertwined, are also extremely well-liked and add distinction without too much flashiness.

Of course, this is all assuming that your guy doesn't want "flashy," but if your guy does like diamonds and does want something with a diamond in his ring, then by all means, go ahead. "Chunky" and more masculine rings with diamond insets are definitely very manly still, but have all the gorgeous appeal of the conventional diamond ring, restylized for a man instead of a lady.

If a diamond is in a man's ring, probabilities are, it is set as a stone all by itself in a wide band. It might be set "off center" for some stylistic appeal, or might be centered in the midst of the band as a solitaire. Or, perhaps diamonds are set into a channel that's been carved into the band, or along one edge.

The great news is, if you want a stone for your guy's ring, but you don't want to limit yourself to diamonds, you certainly do not have to. You can add birthstones to the ring, or you can add an additional stone, such as a ruby or emerald, to the ring. These stones can also highlight the use of the diamond, if you want to consist of diamonds, as well.

What does your guy like?

If the mens engagement rings you're contemplating obtaining is for your soon-to-be spouse, think about his lifestyle and what he likes. Does he like flashy, or easy? If he plays a lot of sports or does a lot of function with his hands where something with stones such as diamonds might be impractical, you might want something simpler. Once more, you can get engagement rings with no stones inlaid, but with embossing or textured carvings on the ring for character and style. On the other hand, if he likes flashy and his lifestyle is such that a diamond ring would be sensible and much appreciated, then by all means, do that. Selecting a wide and sturdy wedding band that can hold a valuable stone such as a diamond or ruby will definitely make a statement and tell the globe that you love him.

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