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Is there an occasion around the corner? Are you questioning what to wear? Nicely, why do not you attempt Lehenga Choli? This attire goes along very nicely with every kind of occasion- wedding, celebration, pre-wedding ceremonies, festivals and many much more. It is one of the ancient dresses of north India. Women from the royalty utilized to put on it in various styles.

A Lehenga Choli is not a single-piece garment. There are 3 components to it- the choli, which is the upper garment. It is a very well-fitted blouse. The lehenga is the reduce garment. It can be compared to a skirt. However, in contrast to a skirt it has numerous pleats. The dupatta is a fabric that is draped about. You can drape it in any way you want. Many women prefer to cover their heads with it whilst other people like to pin it to the shoulder with pleats flowing down.

Designs that will floor you

The outfit is so versatile and contemporary that it seems unbelievable that it is an Indian legacy. You will get Lehenga Choli in various cuts. There is fishtail reduce, where the lehenga fits snugly at the waist and flows outwards at the bottom. The choli also comes in various designs. You can have a jacket styled, low back line, brief sleeves or sleeveless cholis.

Create various appears at ease

The Lehenga Choli might appear like a easy garment. However, with the dupatta you can have a selection of appears for this outfit. In fact, the dupatta comes with such heavy and intricate styles that it is usually a good concept to show off.

Some of the ways you can redefine this marvelous outfit are:

Dupatta over your head

This look will give you the appear of a demure Indian bride. The dupatta is draped over the head with the rest of the fabric totally free-flowing.

Dupatta more than shoulder

This appear covers one of your hands completely. Take 1 of the sides of the dupatta and cover your shoulder. The other side slides down covering the hand with its stunning designs.

Dupatta more than your head with 1 finish in front

This look resembles the appearance of traditional Gujarati saree. Your dupatta has to be lengthy to complete the look with pleats. Make pleats with the fabric and tuck it to 1 shoulder and the rest of the dupatta covers the head. In case your dupatta is not lengthy enough, you can go for another similar appear. Just tuck 1 finish of the dupatta into your waist, wrap around the fabric and drape it more than your head.

If you have a heavy hairstyle that you do not wish to cover, then try this look with out covering your head. The impact will be equally impressive.

Be creatively various

Do you have a distinctive style for your Lehenga Choli? If so, then you can get it designed by a designer. There are numerous online and brick stores, which can assist you materialise your dream outfit.

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