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The liposuction procedure has undergone some profound changes due to the medical sciences development and some excellent ideas from expert liposuction surgeons. The ดูดไขมัน procedure once was a sort of crude removal of fat from the problematic areas, but it is nowadays a cosmetic surgery method of removing fat without leaving obvious scars, marks or affecting skin quality. There are still some unpleasant changes possible after liposuction, nevertheless they have a tendency to disappear completely, if proper post-treatment care is ensured. This really is mainly because of the tumescent technique that practically revolutionized the liposuction domain.

The tumescent technique utilized in the liposuction procedure made many problems disappear, both for surgeons and patients. To begin with, the liposuction process could be practiced with a local and never general anesthesia, known for some risks and unpleasant consequences after liposuction. Secondly, the recovery period doesn't require that long much like other techniques used earlier in liposuction. Thirdly, the photos with both before and after liposuction speak on their own in regards to the skin quality and other associated problems after the liposuction procedure. Overall, this common beauty treatment methods are less risky, along with more chances for successful results due to new instruments, better skills because of experience and better techniques, including tumescent technique. You will need to mention that the prospect of excessive bleeding throughout the removing fat from problematic areas is not as high as in the situation of employing any other technique. This contributes to a heightened amount of safety throughout the liposuction procedure, better results and fewer negative effects.

Better cosmetic results are worth mentioning while discussing modern liposuction procedures. The little incision necessary to be made in order to remove fat is more preferable compared to previous method - scalpel excision with bigger risks, scars along with other complications as a result of general anesthesia. The change with the instruments found in the liposuction procedure also led to better results and safer method in working with extra fat deposits. Nowadays popular cannula has created things easier for removing fat with no damage to blood vessels, skin or muscles. This tube-like instrument is ideal for entering body fat layers and removing the localized fats. This could be considered the first real advancement.

Although liposuction procedure is generally useful for removing fat from your tummy, technology-not only to treat other fatty areas as well. Experienced liposuction surgeons have the ability to perform more types of liposuction, whether it is the truth of neck or facial liposuction, arm or thighs, back or knees liposuction. The liposuction procedure is a lot more difficult in case there is men, as they have a tendency to gain more weight than women and the type of body fat differs, making the method more complex. Lipo men candidates can get more complications after the treatment, due to the fibrous nature with the fat areas.

However, many troubles could be avoided while using earlier described technique called tumescent liposuction. Some advanced research has permitted the creation of some special anesthetics coupled with vasoconstrictors effective at decreasing bleeding.

New instruments, techniques and methods, as well as combined medications have the effect of less risk associated with the liposuction procedure, better results much less side effects. On top of these facts, the experience of liposuction surgeons is the deciding aspect in future breakthroughs in this most popular beauty-enhancing treatment.