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Who amongst us does not want to 1 day visit the Large Apple? That is right, New York City, the location dreams can come true and the city that by no means sleeps. As at the date of the final census, there had been nearly twenty million individuals living in the state, with just more than eight million of these individuals living in New York City. As you can envision, with this population crammed into much less than five hundred square miles, visitors and pedestrians can be a nightmare at the best of occasions.

This is a very god reason to investigate the use of a limousine when you arrive. In a city where there are more than fifty thousand registered transport vehicles, including more than 4 thousand NYC limos, it is plain to see that much more people decide to travel this way, than any other. It is estimated that New York limo drivers and cab drivers, make more than fourteen million trips a year across the city, taking each locals and tourists alike, anyplace from the Bronx to Manhattan.

When you have decided that New York is the location for your subsequent vacation, or you might even decide that you can afford to live there, a NYC limo service could be just right for you. If you appear at the statistics you will see that the typical fare in a cab is more than nine dollars for every 3 miles traveled, and this is not inexpensive by anyone's standards. This would set you back nearly thirty dollars for a ten mile journey in a cab. In a way, these vehicles cater to a different marketplace than the main market for a NYC limo.

A cab is more suited to people wanting to take a short journey, perhaps a couple of blocks or so, and a New York limo would be much more tailored to somebody wanting to make a couple of visits in a day, or attend a couple of meetings every week, meetings that may be all the way across the city. In some cases, a NYC limo service that is booked on a semi permanent basis can be almost as cost effective as a cab. When you add to this the fact that you can accommodate a lot more individuals in a New York limo than a cab, this makes the trip a entire lot more cost effective.

With a NYC limo service, you have a driver on board that is going to be very familiar with the region. This is extremely essential simply because New York is such a busy place and there a lot of visitors on the roads. This could also mean then that the typical NYC limo driver is going to be American, and probably born and bred in New York City. This is distinct contrast to the reality that of the much more than twenty thousand cabs in New York City, only ten percent are driven by US citizens.

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