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What's the use of stickers and labels today? The stickers and labels are used across the industrial spectrum to supply anti tampering and anti counterfeiting benefits of their products. These holograms will also be designed and tested for promotional purposes. You will find those who report that holographic products gives a sound sleep to a person or it has health improvements like pain relief... as we aren't sure about that we will not delve into it any further. What we are focused about is the efficiency of holograms in providing security to some product as well as the, hologram sticker as well as the custom stickers.

With the amount of items being shipped to some customer's doorsteps it has become mandatory for the companies, small and big alike, to offer some kind of authentication regarding their products and make certain that the delivered product is not tampered with in any manner or switched having a fake one.

Here comes the use of labels and stickers. Produced from advanced technology and hard to duplicate the hologram stickers are finding a niche in several industries, from pharmaceuticals to electronics. They are often used to label good quality items and in addition used by big enterprises. The 3D holographic also induces a special appearance having its shine and vibrancy. The main reason for the safety this offers is really because it cannot be copied easily and cannot be transferred and stuck onto a fake product.

A few of the renowned hologram manufacturers like Lasersec India offers a lot of option in securing your product, for instance they've got holographic aluminum foils, hot stamp foil, holographic barcode labels, tamper proof holograms, 2D / 3D stickers etc.

Exactly what is a custom hologram sticker?

The embedding with the graphics as well as the image together in the image will be the custom hologram. A custom hologram sticker is the better of all holographic protection against counterfeiting. Most of the custom hologram stickers like the ones made by Lasersec India are tamper evident meaning that deteriorate when removed. If you want added security and do not want some other firms copying your design then you can certainly register your design using the IHMA or the International Hologram Manufacturer's Association, this might ensure that no expert hologram manufacturer will use or help make your hologram. Apart from the security aspect the hologram is appeasing to the eyes and improves the image of your product or service; this is a fact backed by consumer research and marketing statistics.

Custom hologram images are for sale to high security as well as for cheap packaging needs. The most preferred print option is the dot matrix that the most versatile of all other hologram varieties due to the shine under all lighting conditions and it also has a viewing angle which is wider than most options and can be seen clearly. With custom hologram stickers you will find the option to print your company logo or name of the product's serial number according to your choosing.