Maximizing Daily Income

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Daily Quests

  • Avoid using 2x Reward at the cost of Zen*. Spending money to boost the Daily Quests' Rewards can be a really good way to level. However, you would end up spending millions of Zen if you were to do this.

Gold Ingot

This is an effortless way to get a large amount of Zen in a short time, but it can only be done once a day. Purchase the maximum number of Gold Ingots from the Shop using Diamond (Bound or unbound)

Zen Dungeon

  • Best enter this dungeon with some Zen in hand.
  • This dungeon will give the most Zen. Some have reported getting 3-10 million Bound Zen, so it can be a especially useful method for mid-level players.
  • Purchasing buffs with Bound Diamonds can marginally help with killing the tougher Goblins for Zen.

Endless Tower

Do not forget to Sweep the tower each day. The number of rewards that can be acquired can really add up to the millions. Sweeping is effortless, and only takes a short time.

Story Dungeon Loot (via Auction House)

Some swear by disassembling equipment from Story Dungeon for gems.


You get very little Zen here, but it is much more compared to farming in the overworld. Note that this method gives very little, yet can be the most time-consuming.

You can take advantage of this for extra EXP and loots (to be disassembled for gems). You might want to use a 2x or 3x Seal of Ascension if you go here.