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The debate rages on among medical marijuana physician. Some are convinced of their value while some continue being uncertain of the usefulness. On the pro side of the argument, it has been stated by physicians that medicinal marijuana is less toxic than lots of the approved prescribed drugs currently available, although some aren't so clear on that.

Opinions provided by doctors about the pro side include that the drug be reclassified in order that patients may use it while not having to concern yourself with legality issues. Some time out that although it's been used for years in the western world, lung diseases weren't related to its use. Advocates suggest that its benefits greatly outweigh its risks. Others in favor of it have referred to it as therapeutically beneficial.

Doctors who are opposed state concerns about its efficacy. Some seem believing that there isn't enough direct proof its medicinal usefulness allowing it being legal. Some are worried that legalizing it for medicinal purposes will cause it to be extensively known as a recreational drug, too.

It is also called cannabis. It's green, brown or gray coloured and arises from the hemp plant. This plant became well known during the 1960's because it was applied as a recreational drug. As a recreational drug, some think about marijuana being a totally harmless approach to relax and feel peaceful. Many think that it's safer than alcohol consumption. Alcohol may alter coordination, judgment, and one's driving privileges. Alcohol is also known to escalate violent tempers and to do away with inhibitions.

Being a medicine, cannabis has been said to become helpful with glaucoma, nausea, vomiting and PMS. It's reported it can also help to ease issues with appetite, asthma, and spastic movement disorders. Digestive and intestinal distresses responded favorably, as well. Research indicates the drug to aid in improvement with inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Alzheimer's, brain cancer, cancer of the lung, HIV/AIDS have been added to this list, as well.

Many states have voted to allow marijuana to become a legal substitute for help with a number of health issues. Clinics that have marijuana doctors within the company is found through online sites listing organizations as well as their locations. These physicians can examine patients, along with their current prescriptions and health records to make a determination if this sounds like a suitable option for them.