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Music videos are defined as short videos or films that are accompanied by a complete musical piece, usually by a song. A music video (MV) these days is used primarily for marketing purposes. It usually promotes music recordings - the much more efficient the music video, the greater the sales of these music recordings. The origins of this specific media dates way back but they got highly recognized in the 1980s. MVs got the attention of individuals when the format of MTVs was primarily based around these music short films. The actual term "music video" became extensively used early in the 1980s. Prior to that, such short films were known as promotional clips or promotional films. There are so many ways in which music videos can be made. A wide variety of film making designs can be employed to do a music video. Some of these film making techniques that are effectively used over the years to create MVs are live action filming, documentaries, and animation. Even approaches that are not narrative in type are used. One example of this situation is the use of abstract film. Other MVs do not only go for one film making style but try to blend numerous designs with each other. A typical blending that has been used for music video is the live action and animation mix.

The internet is one of the places where music videos are so prolific. In reality, there are currently a lot of recognized situations where a music video becomes viral, spreading all over the globe so fast! Not only that, there are also a lot of massive websites built solely for music videos. These web sites include pages and pages of these brief musical clips. The brief music films accessible can be these mainstream ones, these of fantastic artists and of great hit songs. Other music films out there are those made by people just wanting to share what they can do.

The spread of music videos in the Internet was said to have been began by IRC-based group members. These individuals recorded the video as they were shown on Television and then converted the recordings to digital files. They then exchange these .mpg files with each other via the IRC channels. The time when broadband internet connection became effortlessly available to nearly everyone really expanded the list of things individuals can do with music videos. Now, music video streaming and downloading are fairly typical place.

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