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With regards to sex, women's nipples get a lot of attention in the guys, but not so much the opposite way round. The concept of clit pump among gay males is much more endemic, in accordance with some research, but straight guys have become more switched on for the possibilities of well executed nipple stimulation for pleasure.

There's an old joke - exactly why are women's breasts like toy trains? Both are made for children, however it is dad who always winds up using them one of the most. Indeed, may men have a breast fixation, and also the centre of this attention involves the nipples.

For whatever reason, there's a taboo attached with women's nipples in society (they are always under control, pixilated on TV or otherwise not hidden from view), however for some crazy reason this doesn't connect with men. They are able to bare their little nipples around the globe in just about any culture, without any repercussions at all! Weird, don't you think?

In foreplay, a ladies partner will frequently home in around the breasts as first port of call before heading south for the vagina. In reality, this can be a wonderful method of getting a female in the mood for intercourse or other sexual activity. A message is distributed from the breasts and nipples for the female's genitals, that will usually (however, not every time) start self lubricating because of this activity. Some women can bare merely the lightest touch in order to find nipple stimulation too much to take care of, whereas others may take some very vigorous treatment. Statistically, this decreased sensitivity can occur after breastfeeding. Nevertheless, in case a woman's nipples can be treated quite hard, she still may get a lot of pleasure from this.

There are a few very "alternative" practices associated with nipples, including:

-ice-play -clamping -pumps to engorge while increasing nipple size -piercings near and throughout the nipples -rope play -electrical stimulation -even spanking with hands and small whips. In all cases, care has to be exercised to become moderate in these activities.

Tattooing round the nipples is also more popular as a cosmetic breast enhancer.

As the above could be thought to be strange or bizarre by a lot of, it is interesting how endemic such practices are among straight and lesbian women. Incredibly, half the normal commission of women can achieve orgasm through breast and/or nipple stimulation alone.

In terms of nipple play with men goes, this is much more limited to the gay community, however it is becoming more prevalent among straight guys, too. Statistics have been published that demonstrate a small percentage of fellows - gay and straight - have the ability to achieve orgasm much more easily and quickly when penile stimulation is accompanied by tweaking or another pressure put on the nipples.

For men a new comer to nipple play, it is important to begin slowly with very light pressures applied, otherwise they might find the experience too unpleasant and discontinue. This is a loss of profits for the kids, in accordance with some guys, who claim their sexual lives have changed for your better after introducing this exciting and new element. When they have taken the initial small steps, some men don't take too much time to obtain nipple piercings done, and wonder why it took them such a long time to obtain around into it.

In summary, nipples are extremely neglected body parts for men's sexual activity, however a gradual review of nipple stimulation might have amazing features.