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Halifax, West Yorkshire has a population of 82,056 according to the 2001 census. It a well-liked centre of the UK's woolen manufacture largely in the fifteenth century and onwards. Halifax, West Yorkshire is also well-known for its Mackintosh chocolate and world well-known toffee which is now owned by Nestlé.

The Halifax parish Church dates back to the early 12h century and has since been dedicated to St John the Baptist. In 1765 William Herschel was the church's first organist how also the first individual to uncover a planet that was latter known as Uranus. Halifax was also notoriously famous for the Halifax Gibbet which is a early form of what we now call the guillotine and was used to execute criminals discovered guilty nevertheless the gibbet was used last in 1650. There is a street named after this cruel execution tool and there is a tall replica erected at the original site.

Most lately Halifax has lend its name to a bank i.e. Halifax plc which originally started as a building society. Halifax is also a twin town with its counterpart Aachen in German. Halifax is considered a fantastic location for these people who want to get a really feel of England's history and culture.

In 1848 Halifax was incorporated below as a municipal borough below the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act. In 1889 it became the County Borough. Halifax has been the administrative centre for the Metropolitan district of Calderdale because 1974.

Halifax is also home to a series of old and historic churches many of which had been restored as recently as the first half of the twenty century. The Halifax museum is home to everything that is a part of Halifax's history along with a number of paintings. Also a show of the notorious Gibbet's blade which is also a very popular attraction.

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