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Our Goal is to help your organisation provide Development and Training to your people Who is on Goal, fun, retained and above all helps them achieve their goals. We assist customers on varied needs by engaging in a consultative process with their SME's (Subject Matter Experts) to produce clear materials which are easy to use and follow along. For workplace learning to be effective we believe: A GREAT IN-CLASS EXPERIENCE IS THE FOUNDATION All training is tailored to your Precise needs and people We can also create customized courses to your special needs We facilitate learning via a workshop style strategy (facilitation - not lecturing) It's Important TO KEEP THE LEARNING ALIVE, WE PARTNER WITH YOU BEYOND THE CLASSROOM What happens in course is only 10 percent of the learning journey, to bring another 90 percent of learning to life : Support your students through: Pre-class engagement to connect and improve the expertise Encouraging self-directed application at Work Support learner-driven reinforcement (complimentary for 12 months)

The customer is always provided full unlimited ownership of everything produced and is supplied with the editable source documents. We will happily fit your corporate style guide, and our personality brings the documents to life with a fresh and contemporary feel and look. We Assist you by offering: A great choice of resources and service for follow through action in the workplace Cost efficient training resources to help mentor and grow your students All-inclusive training tools so that you may continue Tailored Courses internally YOU NEED TRANSPARENCY TO OUTCOMES We simplify the management of your training together with reporting and transparency of outcomes to guarantee success. Our cloud-based Training Management Centre is complimentary and provides you with: Transparency to comments Transparency to the job program Transparency to learner-driven reinforcement DELIVERY OPTIONS TO WORK AROUND YOUR OPERATIONAL NEEDS In-house we could return to you for as little as 60-minutes Public classes, come and watch us (yearly memberships available) We offer you tools to train your teams

We partner with organisations at any stage of the process to develop, review or provide training programs for any need that you have. With over 1000 trainers, who have varied experience sets and experience, we could add value to any training-related project. We have partnered with organisations for projects as diverse as emotional intelligence (EQ) and critical thinking, new systems roll-outs, revenue group development, leadership programs and company-wide personality profiling.

That means we focus the delivery on the needs of the organisation and use relevant examples and terminology that reflects your own internal'speak'. We tailor content as a standard part of our delivery and that is an essential aspect of what we consider a"great training experience". Frankly, if you want to read a novel or view some of PowerPoint slides, you are advised to do so, however that is not exactly what we call coaching, and that's not what's going to happen in any of our classes.