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File:Http:// UNOO-LteYHU S-OHUD0Ev2JH9 KWPzfAttF7k& can be an shopping online portal offering many services for users primarily from the Asia Pacific region. It provides a web based solution in case you want to pay for e-commerce sites that offer foreign currency (including US dollars and British Pound) by converting all prices to local currencies and taking into account international shipping. unique technology allows its users to buy in 3 simple steps: 1) Log-in, 2) fill their carts, and 3) checkout.


Tarazz offers over 6 000 0000 products from 6 thousand brands from a minimum of 25 major merchant-partner sites entirely on They include but are not on a the list below:

List Europe/US merchants:

Armani Exchange

Bare Necessities






Upside over


Marks & Spencer



Exclusive Asian merchants-

In addition towards the Europe/US brands, comes with a exclusive offer with 20 premium Asian brands, which in fact had not been online before, with merchandise spanning 8 countries which range from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore Thailand and Vietnam. The Tarazz Asian Merchants website is found at Exclusive Asian merchants include but are not limited by this list:

List of Asian Merchants:

Alice Blue Candle



New Taste of Art






Peach Blossom




Fossil Collections


Beauty Jewelry





Anita Silk


Water & Wine

Tete a Tete

Achievement of Many ?Firsts?

In line featuring its company pursuit to offer users a breakthrough within their shopping online experience, has leveraged its unique technology to make available services previously unavailable from the well-versed competitors. They include:

1st Online Store to Offer Full-Landed Price in Local Currency patented technology allows products by reviewing the Merchant-partner sites to automatically display the Full Landed Price in local currency with a partner merchant?s product page ? Full-Landed Price is a final price for getting a unique product, and that is inclusive of all domestic and international shipping charges, taxes and custom duties, and then other miscellaneous cost. This provides an unprecedented volume of user-friendliness to its customers as shoppers no more must aspect in additional costs and manual calculations of currencies.

1st Online Shopping Portal to Offer Consolidated Shipping

Another unique factor of technology is that it allows users consolidate purchases from a number of sites in to a single shopping cart application. This could be the first Singapore-based shopping portal to accomplish this. currently supports a minimum of 25 major Merchant-partners sites across three continents- namely the US, (this website) UK and Asia. All purchases are ultimately consolidated right into a single check-out system for convenience and potential financial savings from consolidated shipping.

Tarazz Rewards Program ? 1st Shopping Portal Rewards Program

The Tarazz Rewards Program could be the first loyalty program implemented by way of a Singapore-based shopping portal. It gives cash rebates to users which can be used on future purchases: every $100 spent will get you $5 back, every $200 spent will enable you to get $10 back, every $300 spent will get you $25 back.

Promotions offers different weekly promotions. Unlike its competitors who are able to offer only discounts off shipping charges, gives discounts off full-landed prices, allowing shoppers in order to save more inside process. Shoppers may now be handed a discount of $20 off their first purchase.

Corporate Profile is probably the to begin Singapore?s startups being financially backed by the Regional Venture Capitalist, in many to receiving principal approvals from DBS, among the largest banks in Asia Pacific along with a World Class Courier Service Provider to sponsor its e-commerce initiative.

Plans come in destination to extend its services to Indonesia, Hong Kong and Korea in addition to create product tie-ins with major airlines and prominent Asian merchants.

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Shop at multiple sites from US and UK with one seamless look at.All prices including shipping fees is going to be converted at your residence currency.

Besides, Tarazz rewards you featuring its own Rewards Program. To find our more, visit for more exciting offers and promotions