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Semi permanent make-up may be used to produce the perfect brows that you always dreamed of.

Maybe your brows are asymmetrical, or maybe you over-plucked them being a teenager along with your brows are now very sparse, otherwise you are afflicted by a condition that prevents your brows from growing properly. Semi permanent make-up could change everything. Or, maybe you are having a long-term treatment including chemotherapy and you desire a confidence boost.

Here is how this brilliant procedure could help you.

First of all you must pick a a master technician having a established track record, the final results can be amazing, but you will n't need to decide on a tech which includes almost no experience as this is a permanent procedure, it is known as (semi) permanent in the united kingdom meaning some of it will fade, nevertheless they ink won't fade completely so it is vitally important you decide on your technician carefully. Once you've the best technician they'll tattoo the permanent make up pigment to the upper layer of your skin, rather than your eyebrows. Various techniques can be used to make your eyebrow tattooing look like individual eyebrow hairs, this will make your new permanent eyebrows look very realistic. The shape of your brows is determined by various factors such as the form of your overall eyebrows. The contours of the face can also be considered. Should you existing brows are incredibly thin permanent make-up is going to be put into thicken out of the brows for the desired thickness. If your brows are asymmetrical the task enables you to level your brows in order that they match in proportions and shape. If you do not have any brows at all photos may be used of whenever you had eyebrows to help the technician make use of the correct shape that you've been accustomed to previously. In every case your brows is going to be pencilled on being a template until you are completely pleased with the size and shape of your brand-new eyebrow microblading. The result will be perfectly applied eyebrows that you're happy with which will help offer you back the confidence that may have lost because of having no brows, sparse brows or uneven brows.

Once the pigment settles down to the proper colour after a couple of weeks your new brows will be perfect everyday. To retain your new perfect brows a high up treatment is going to be required approximately every 12-18 months.