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There are a few things that you can do to help prevent pressure sores occurring and if you look at doing all of these things together and in conjunction with every other then you can truly help to quit pressure sores from becoming a problem.

Changing Body Position: Sores and ulcers occur when the body is left in one position for too long, which is why these sores most commonly occur for individuals that are bed ridden or always sat in one position in a chair for example. One of the best things that you can do to prevent these sores is to regularly alter the body position of the sufferer if they cannot do this themselves, or encourage the sufferer to move their body often.

Pressure Care Products: There are a range of specially designed mattresses and cushions that can truly assist to prevent pressure sores from occurring simply because of the way that they have been manufactured. Standard mattresses and cushions can really aid the development of pressure sores, so it is vital to look at the products that you are utilizing and see if you can buy something that is more pressure care suitable.

Dressings: Although many individuals just apply a normal dressing to pressure sores and ulcers, there are actually unique types of dressings and bandages that can help to increase the healing speed and effort. Some of these dressings contain a unique gel that helps to encourage the development of the skin to increase the speed of healing and a great physician, nurse or pharmacist should be in a position to offer you some sound advice when it comes to dressing pressure sores.

Diet plan: As with most types of skin injuries and sores, Vitamin C and Zinc can assist to naturally repair wounds much quicker, so if your diet plan is lacking from these two things then it can take a lot longer to heal any open wound. If your diet plan lacks Vitamin C and Zinc then your skin has a greater opportunity of developing pressure ulcers and the healing of them can take longer, so it is essential to get your physician to verify your dietary requirements if you are suffering with frequent pressure sores.

It is essential to attempt and prevent sores rather than just react to them when and if they happen, so by following our advice above you can really help to not only prevent pressure sores from occurring but you can also help to deal with them quickly to stop them obtaining worse and causing much more pain for the sufferer.

Pressure sores can be produced by pulling the skin in opposite directions. It is like the 'Chinese burns' when we had been at school. This opposite dragging is recognized as shearing. Because skin is thinner as we get order it is liable to tear. To reduce the danger of tearing or friction burns it is feasible to use a product such as the MEDORIS micro-bead cushions which move in the exact same path as the skin on the bottom or limb.

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