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As increasing numbers of small independent record labels and organizations are releasing their music products today, the significance of having a Radio Promotion is now an often overlooked but crucial part of a successful project. This is very unfortunate since many artists are recording amazing projects only to have them target some church members and friends after which it sits kept in storage somewhere. The landscape from the recording industry moved through great changes within the past couple of decades. Digital equipment is consistently making it much easier and cheaper for artist to record and release their projects and the ability to have product available around the world is something independent artist could only dream of in past years. Those days are gone when a multi-million dollar recording studio was in order to of releasing a professional project. Usually the one constant is radio. It's still by far the best way of getting the word out about your music to the masses.

Obtaining radio play is not an easy task. Your music has to be great as well as then, many program directors won't provide your music the opportunity until various other station does. That's where having someone on your own marketing team with higher relationships within radio, gives you a great advantage in obtaining important radio spins. A good radio promoter has the capacity to get your music heard by the person that makes the decisions about what gets played on the particular radio station. She or he will also provide some type of tracking system to remain on top of how your record is doing. It requires great communication skills, finesse, patience, effective communication skills and perseverance.

Tracking is vital to you as an independent record label or artist because it gives you weekly insight into the frequency of radio play that you're receiving. It offers a superior a visual of methods your music is being received in a particular region that can assist you in booking live performances to market the project.

Many people think that they could do all this themselves but believe me it is not as simple or simple since it sounds. Program directors of stereo are very busy individuals and many of them are not available to unknown artist contacting them about their projects. To be frank many of them will only only take calls from major label reps or promoters which they know as well as then, getting them to on the phone is amazingly hard. Yes you may know your neighborhood radio personality and you may be able to get some spins locally but we have been talking about creating a buzz by captivating a spot.

When I consult about music projects I always tell small record labels, artist and choir directors to get a radio promoter. It will greatly boost the exposure individuals and your products.