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Nowadays there's no such thing as the hiring season. Hiring is an ongoing process all year round accelerated by tech rekrytering stockholm. All over the world, these hiring firms contribute significantly to the surging economies of these respective companies. These recruitment agencies in turn be separate entities with self-made and self-efficient policies. Such organizational set-up definitely calls for a process oriented work model, which is what we should are likely to discuss here. The various processes implemented are detailed below.


This process is self explanatory in the name, where the selected candidates are screened at the hiring agency for their set of skills. These screening processes include technical tests, first level interviews and criminal background checks. These preliminary tests are inclined towards eliminating candidates with forged cv as much as possible. This is one of the basic processes implemented in every hiring firms.

Advertised recruits

Writing apt advertisements to attract the right the right talented candidate is in itself an art form. The two risks associated with writing bad advertisements are that they will not communicate properly to be able to attract the right candidate or that they will attract the wrong candidate who thinks which he / she fits the given description. So that you can eliminate these risks, this method is required.

Strategic Hiring

In this type of hiring, the business enterprise requirements, resource requirements are collected and analyzed to zero-in around the locations where new talents need to be procured. The deciding factors in freezing the job profiles are the respective skills, attitude requirements, demographic placements, industry or domain involvement and salary negotiations. According to a mutually agreed quantity of vacancies, optimized staffing cost and contingency plans are discussed.

Turnkey recruitment process

This method is initiated if you find a requirement to employ a lot of employees. This could potentially happen if the client plans to expand his customer base after accepting to complete newer projects. Another potential scenario could possibly be if the client intends to begin a new department that will require hiring across all levels, right from the very best management level to a junior or basic level candidates.

Resource mapping and process analytics

This sort of recruitment is much more about data, statistics and comparison analytics with the client's firm making use of their competitor's company. The hiring team contains highly qualified pros who consolidate data collected in the client around the company's projects, teams, managers and organizational processes. This information is analyzed from various view points and also the aspects of improvement are identified within the organization. The identical is compared with those of the candidate selection process of the competitor's firm frequently that in turn leads to continuous improvement and meets quality standards.