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While the U.S.A and Europe are struggling to fight unemployment due to the fantastic recession of the last 2 or 3 years, India, on the other hand, is seeing a great revival of employment opportunities in the private sector. All top companies are on recruitment spree to rope in the very best talents from various colleges of the country. There is a massive recruitment drive. It is a matter of fantastic satisfaction for the emerging nation that India does not need any help from the West in the form of experts, advisors, managers, operating and teaching personnel etc and is in a position to meet all its needs fully and capably.

Recruitment of individuals is carried out by numerous techniques by different companies. The Central and State Governments adopt techniques which are different from that of private sector companies. There are 2 or 3 methods in vogue, the oldest and the most transparent is via the Union Public Service Commission. They conduct examination at national level, which are open to all these who satisfy the minimum qualifications required and are advertised. A select number of aspirants are called for interview and amongst them the best is offered the job. The entire process is open and extremely small scope for any malpractices. All Government owned companies and some departments like Atomic Energy and Space Research also adhere to the same technique.

The private sector follows the Western model. They conduct what they call "Aptitude Test" followed by a group discussion, then a preliminary interview and subsequently the final interview. Full transparency is not apparent in the interview stage, and there is possibility of favors becoming granted to relatives of Directors etc.

Still, the really talented and deserving are by no means left out. This space is extremely crowded simply because of the disparity in the remuneration in between these jobs and these of the Government. There also people who prefer Government jobs because they are secure there.

Recruitment of the right individuals is a key element in the successful aspiration of any young company. 'The correct people in the correct job' is the theme. Special panels are constituted to conduct interviews, based on the posts becoming filled. Fantastic pain is taken in framing the questions for the tests with the assist of specialists, the aim being to know not only the candidate's technical and general understanding but also find out the reflexes and tough circumstances response, power of quick thinking and choice making. Recruitment is not an simple process in such a complex nation.