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One Shirt

Description: Round elastic straps with a hook on every finish, one hundred forty cm. The product comes packaged in a transparent plastic bag and a cardboard label bearing the phrases: "C.E.C Herramientas, Pulpo elástico (elastic spider straps) 140cm". Description: The set incorporates three similar plastic rattles within the form of maracas. The product poses a danger of accidents as a result of presence of drawstrings within the waist area.

Description: Set of 4 child rattles made from arduous plastic in several colors. Description: Set of digital cigarettes with two pink clearomizers, 2 rechargeable batteries and a mains energy supply with a USB connector. Description: Christmas LED rope gentle in a cardboard box with a label bearing the importer's details. The product poses a chemical risk because it incorporates forty,60 % by weight of chloroform, above the permitted stage.

The product consists of two pieces and they're packaged in cardboard box. The product poses a risk of strangulation and accidents because of the presence of practical cords with knotted ends in the neck area and behind the bikini. Description: Children clothes set in dark blue colour, intended for children as much as eight years previous consisting of a sweatshirt and a trouser.

The product is offered on the market packaged in a sealed bag of thin product's label, which is a bit of cardboard, could be found within the sealed bag of skinny plastic in which the product is packaged. The product poses a danger of injuries due to the presence of not fastened drawstring with knots and toggles within the waist space. The trouser is designed with drawstrings on the waist area.

Packaging: colourful cardboard field. Load capability: max 70 kg. Packaging cardboard field. Packaging: white folding field printed in bright colours. The product poses a chemical threat as a result of presence of di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) (22,zero%). Rattles are positioned in white plastic packaging after which packed in cardboard box with transparent window in entrance with the inscription: "El mejor regalo para tu bebe".