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Okay, everyone knows the key methods for getting seo youtube links through directories, articles, blogs etc but here is a new way that might add some value. I am not claiming that this is anything further than a tiny, niche activity however it will help your SEO efforts a little.

A few things i am discussing is applying Google Notebook to feature anchortext links back to your site.

I created my very own Google Notebook and published it. In the notebook I put anchor text links to key pages within my website.

To get my notebook classified by the various search engines I came across half a dozen 'do follow' blogs and pasted my Google Notebook to the URL field

My guess is this fact will not help you much with Google but I am reasonably confident it'll benefit Yahoo! and MSN.

When creating your Google notebook, you can a user's profile. Within the profile you are able to talk about yourself and upload photos. But the neat thing is you can include as many links for your profile as you would like and also the links will be 'do follow'.

When you're getting to my notebook page check out my profile to find out the reason.

So, here's a chance to add some additional 'Do Follow' links and move your site higher inside the rankings.

If you're wondering how much an anchor-text link is, it becomes an example for you personally. Instead of put 'click here' when inviting people to this site I use your words which have a SEO value online. Therefore a good one for me is SEO company Leeds where my business is predicated.