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Okay, we all know the primary techniques for getting opencart seo links not working through directories, articles, blogs etc but here is a new way that might atart exercising . value. I am not claiming this is just a a small, niche activity but it will help your SEO efforts a little.

What I am referring to is applying Google Notebook to feature anchor-text backlinks to your site.

I created my very own Google Notebook and published it. Within the notebook I put anchortext links to key pages during my website.

To get my notebook classified by the major search engines I came across half a dozen 'do follow' blogs and pasted my Google Notebook into the URL field

My guess is this fact will not assist you to much with Google however am reasonably confident it will work with Yahoo! and MSN.

When making your Google notebook, you can include a user's profile. Inside the profile you are able to discuss yourself and upload photos. But the great thing is that you can add as numerous links for your profile as you wish and the links will be 'do follow'.

When you're getting to my notebook page check out my profile to find out what I mean.

So, here's a way to atart exercising . additional 'Do Follow' links and move your website higher in the rankings.

If you are wondering what an anchor-text link is, this is an example for you personally. As opposed to put 'click here' when inviting visitors to this site I personally use the actual words which have a SEO value on the internet. Therefore worth keeping personally is Seo agency Leeds where my opportunity is predicated.