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It is most likely safe to bet that everyone has heard of the infamous Scary Maze Game. Surely, with this kind of popularity and the swarm of viral movies, this scary sensation is bound to have surfaced on each computer display in America. Or has it?

The number of Scary Maze Game movies featuring the horrified reactions of unsuspecting victims of this bone chilling game, do not appear to be dwindling. In fact, there are even newer and more frightening versions of the Scary Maze Game accessible these days. So what is the Scary Maze Game?

The scary maze is a flash game masterpiece that has the incredible ability of capturing you interest, whilst keeping you distracted at the same time. There is only one rule. Don't touch any walls. Most often, unsuspecting players have been challenged by a buddy to navigate a small red dot via something called the "scary maze". Following being told how only a select few are able to make it past degree 4 of the maze, ego takes control and they grab the mouse. After all, this maze doesn't appear that scary.

The appearance of the game is harmless sufficient. Usually a crude, blocky maze and a easy red dot. The non threatening look of the Scary Maze Game is component of it is genius. Level one appears so ridiculously easy, most will try it just to quiet down the individual who has challenged them. After effortlessly defeating degree one, a smaller path seems and level two begins. Quickly sufficient, the player defeats level two.

Then issues begin to get difficult. Degree 3 consists of a a lot smaller sized path to navigate and the unsuspecting participant will most frequently scoot closer to the display and begin to concentrate. Numerous individuals will really hit a wall on this degree. At which time, the scary maze game simply begins over at level 1. This has been recognized to occur numerous occasions on degree three. This becomes more and more irritating to the player, which is now completely drawn in. They will often request complete silence, as they are now much more established than ever to beat the deceptive maze game.

Upon reaching degree four, the player is faced with a very narrow and what looks to be not possible path to navigate. Their hand grips the pc mouse tightly to avoid any pointless motion and off they go. Sadly this phase of the scary maze game is developed to be impossible. The player will hit a wall. That is unavoidable. Trust me. It will occur. When they do comes the second we have all been waiting for.

A horribly grotesque image, generally that of Linda Blair as she appeared in the film "The Exorcist", suddenly and unexpectedly appears. This appearance of most likely 1 of the scariest faces of all time, would be sufficient to send most operating out of the space. But the scary maze game requires it a step additional by including a toe curling, bone chilling scream that is quick to remind you of how loud your computer speakers really are.

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