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With Easter fast approaching and the concept of eating way too many Easter eggs an all too prominent memory from a year ago perhaps you should turn your attention to an Easter gift you could give your spouse which will last for many years after Easter eggs supply gone.

Sticking with the egg theme, why not substitute Happy easter ! with love eggs and bullets. Built to stimulate the g-spot, love eggs are small circular shaped balls which usually contain smaller inner balls and is inserted into among the erogenous zones creating pleasure whenever any level of movement (for instance, walking or running) is manufactured by user. Coming with a handy pull cord so they cannot go too far inside, they could be worn discreetly underneath clothing or enjoyed in the bedroom with a partner. Bullets are small vibrators you can use either alone or using a partner and are available with either single or multi-speed vibrations offered by the touch of the mouse.

You might like to try replacing the chocolate Easter bunny to get a Bullet vibrator. Also referred to as rabbit sex toys, rabbit vibes can be found in all size and shapes including mini vibes all the way to 11 inch long models. What distinguishes rabbit adult toys from other types available on the market is that, directed at women, they not merely possess a shaft that thrusts away (containing pleasure pearls that rotate) but additionally a 'rabbit' feature that energizes the clitoris when activated. This special type of adult toy can be used alone or with a partner for increased fun and games at night.

If you were invited to a fancy dress party otherwise you wish to spice some misconception within the bedroom, try a bunny costume. Coming with all the current essentials - the fluffy tail, the pointed ears and also the cuffs - bunny girl costumes will turn the head associated with a red blooded male whenever you walk into a room full of party goers or your partner whenever you enter in the bedroom. If you don't want to go the entire hog, a set of bunny ears is just as effective for getting into the Easter spirit.

If you really do not desire to spend the thought of tucking into chocolate this Easter such as the wish to go crazy with the traditional fare of Easter eggs, why not indulge your more decadent side with some edible chocolate body paint that may be placed on any kind of either yours or perhaps your partner's body. Chocolate flavoured massage oils and intimate shaped body parts made from chocolate are offered also.

Anything you do this Easter just make sure that you have fun. Happy Easter!