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Singapore's education system has been described as "globe-leading" and was amongst these picked out for commendation by British education minister, Michael Gove, last year. Perhaps, the government's efforts in providing every child with schooling opportunities are indeed laudable, but still, parents complain of the rigid and competitive nature of this extremely system. So perhaps, the most nerve-wrecking, mind-boggling issue on each Singaporean parent's mind is how can my child be one of the very best? Certainly, the current implementation of "Teach Much less, Learn More" does absolutely nothing to ease this tension, and to study independently appears not to be the nature of our law-abiding kids, whom our Western counterparts have a tendency to dismiss as "lacking the inquisitive spirit and/or innovation". But it seems our parents have discovered an option to induce this 'spirit' - via intensive tuition.

H2 Mathematics Tuition and H2 Physics Tuition are two of the most common subjects becoming sort following by Singapore's high school students to be tutored. A Sunday Times poll conducted by the Straits Times discovered that out of one hundred students, 97 students are attending tuition. Singaporean parents are enrolling their kids in multiple tuition centers, many willing to pay up to S$3000 a month engaging numerous Top Tutors- particularly for higher level education, e.g., Junior College and/or greater. With the aim of establishing a robust Science Hub, Singaporean parents see the need for their child to be equipped with the necessary, and hence are prepared to spend, regardless the price, for crucial science stream subjects, investing in H2 Mathematics Tuition and H2 Physics Tuition.

There are parents who prefer to engage Top Tutors for private home tuition, which are particularly typical for high school students dealing with more complex and difficult subjects. The rates for Top Tutors can variety from S$35/hr to S$80/hr based on the recognition and level of the tutor. Group or class tuition is also increasingly available in Singapore. Not only is it a cheaper option, they also really feel that their child will benefit and learn much more from interacting with others whilst asking concerns throughout tuition - a type of inducing an inquisitive spirit. The class size of a typical H2 Physics Tuition or H2 Mathematics Tuition classes are often small for efficient teaching and learning.

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