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Just yesterday, I was enjoying a martini with a buddy following work when the subject turned to breasts. Her boyfriend is an OB/GYN. He's seen his share of breasts in all shapes and sizes. He claims that hers are the perkiest he's noticed. My buddy readily informed him (and me) that her secret is sleeping in a bra each night.

Of course, it isn't truly a secret. I've heard this technique for perky breasts many times. In fact, Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest proponents of the practice. As a lingerie professional, I get asked about sleeping in bras about as soon as a month. There are those who will say it is fantastic and those who say it is dangerous. There is no simple answer to the question, but don't believe every thing you hear.

Most detractors of wearing a bra to sleep will claim that it causes breast cancer. This belief is primarily based off a study by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer put forth in the book, Dressed to Kill: The Hyperlink Between Breast Cancer and Bras. The study discovered a correlation between women in five American cities who put on bras for lengthy periods of time and a high incidence of breast cancer. This was followed up with a study that showed that breast cancer is fairly uncommon in Fiji exactly where women rarely put on bras.

While the theories are interesting, it should be noted that correlation does not imply causation. For instance, ladies in Fiji invest more time close to the ocean than those in the United States, but no 1 is suggesting we all flock to the ocean to stop breast cancer. There are recognized genetic factors that influence a woman's likelihood of developing breast cancer and these were not regarded as in the study. White ladies, in specific, are much more most likely to carry a gene that is linked to the development of breast cancer and there are very couple of white women in Fiji. Nonetheless, there are no studies that can conclusively say breast cancer is not linked to bras.

On the other hand, there are no research that prove wearing a bra will stop breasts from sagging when not wearing a bra. Breasts sag for a few reasons:

1) Softening of breast ligaments and loss of breast tissue with age

2) Enlarged breasts throughout pregnancy causing the skin to stretch

3) Modifications in the fat and tissue composition of the breasts

Breasts have extremely little structural support. There are no muscle tissues and no bones within the breasts. They are supported primarily by a couple of ligaments and the overlying skin. The suppler the tissue is, the less most likely the breasts are to sag. Therefore, a wholesome diet might have the most impact on whether breasts sag or not. Some research have actually shown that wearing bras can trigger breasts to sag when the bra comes off simply because the bra prevents the ligaments from performing any function all through the day and the ligaments begin to atrophy.

All things considered, the answer to the query of whether or not to wear a bra to bed comes down to comfort. If you are more comfy wearing the bra to sleep, go ahead and do it. Just be cautious that it's not too tight (that's great guidance night or day). You do not want to restrict blood flow or trigger damage to your skin in the type of indentations. If it is not comfortable to sleep in your bra, take it off. It won't maintain your breasts from sagging anyway.