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Starting MU: Origin
'''Starting MU: Origin'''
='''LOG IN'''=
='''LOG IN'''=

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Starting MU: Origin


Welcome to MU Origin. Learn about the very first steps to log-in to the game.

There are 3 ways to log-in. Log in with WEBZEN: You can log in with a webzen.com account. Log in with Google: You can log in with your Google account. Log in with Facebook: You can log in with your Facebook account.

Choose one of the ways listed above to log in to the game.



You are about to begin a journey to the MU continent. If you would like to change your account, tap "Change Account." You will be logged out immediately and will be able to log in with a different account.

After logging into your account, select server by tapping "Server Select."



Now you are good to go. Tap "Start Game" to connect to MU Origin.



There are 3 classes you can choose.

1. Dark Knight Master of melee combat. Slay your enemies with advanced sword arts and destructive skills.

2. Dark Wizard The wielder of radiant magic. Cast your foes away with overwhelming powers.

3. Elf The goddess of war and beauty. Shoot down your target and heal your allies with the power of spirits.