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Belitung island is component of Indonesia archipelago. It has several beautiful and exotic beaches you should see someday. It is fantastic location for holiday location and a lot much less expensive when compared with other well-known Indonesia holiday destination like Lombok or Bali.

By the way, have you heard about Belitung island prior to? Never? Well, it's not your false when you by no means heard prior to simply because this island has not been exposed in intensive way yet. However, there are several tour and travel companies that provide Belitung holiday packages.

Now, let me to continue telling you exactly where the Belitung exactly is. Belitung situated within Bangka Belitung archipelago that consists of 98 island, big and little, beside Sumatra. You can verify it out by way of Google map.

The nicely known vacation destinations in the Belitung island are as adhere to:

- Tanjung Kiras Beach

- Bukit Berahu resort

- Tanjung Kalayang Beach

- Tanjung Tinggi beach

- Lengkuas Island

Next I am going to tell you concerning the beauty of Tanjung Kelayang as nicely as Tanjung Tinggi beach but sadly I can not attach some photos simply because it is not permitted. If you are interested to see the pictures you might go to the hyperlinks I attach at the bottom of this article.

Tanjung Tinggi beach

The beach is flanked by two peninsulas, is much less than 2 km from Tanjung Kelayang beach. you will find clean white sand, festooned by granite boulders with about 15 meters height at its offshore and shore.

This cove-shaped beach sized approximately one hundred meters for the length, eight meters width in low tide with 1 km lengthy beach, and 5 meters width in high tide. At the east finish, there is a pile of rocks which one of the gap forms a passable tunnel. The air flowing inside the rock hall is fairly cool, as in the air-conditioned room.

Across from this beach has been constructed a resort named "The Villa Lor in Tanjung Tinggi", with complete amenities and be regarded as as the first of the most complete resort at Bangka Belitung archipelago. Tanjung Tinggi beach region is ideal for sun bathing, fishing, diving, swimming, jet skiing or even enjoying white sand at shore of the beach.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Place of the beach is around 27 km from Tanjung Pandan town, is a beach that has an incredible view. The coconut trees along the coast, smooth floury white sand and quiet blue sea, forms a bay with granite rocks carpets on the west side make this beach is completely exciting.

At the crystal clear seashore you will discover posts exactly where fishermen tether their motorboats before sailing. Tanjung Kelayang has around 1.five km coast length, 7 meters wide beach (in high wave) and ten meters (in low wave). This beach covers 60 acres wide areaand absolutely suitable for sun bathing or swimming amongst the incredible arranged rocks of granite. Having stunning view, Tanjung Kelayang obviously is the correct location for photography enthusiasts to satisfy their hobby.

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