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There are statistics that show that up to 500,000 people a year die due to eating disorders. This is some thing that can impact our kid, our family members and any individual, you must know the causes and sings so it can be avoided or prevented on time before it get very severe.

The causes of consuming disorders could be many, it is more typical to see it in young girls, but a growing number of men are also affected and adults as well. The causes can be mental or physical, so lets get a closer look at it.

Physical Causes

Although experts say that the real trigger is not recognized there are some issues that appear to trigger this situation. It could be a biological problem or heredity of genetics from a parent. Its also known that an imbalance of serotonin in the brain could be a cause of it.

Mental Causes

The psychological causes can be numerous, it could be a trauma that produced a unfavorable self body image and then the eating disorder. Low self esteem, problems in a relationship, perfectionism, sexual trauma those are causes also. Unfavorable remarks on the body image of a teenager can have a huge influence on her emotions and mental well being.

If a individual in college or at a social event makes a negative remark of a teenager, like saying you look fat, could trigger a trauma that will not go away and thus she will engage in eating problems in order to obtain her preferred physique and be accepted by people.

This kind of issue is not uncommon, adolescents are searching for a way to match in society, have buddies and a partnership, if they encounter negative remarks of her self or physique image the influence could be dramatic.


1 more essential point to cover is the influence of media, although we can not say that media, television, magazines, newspapers, movies are directly associated to the trigger of consuming problems, they create a huge influence in teens and society, they say what are the ladies that look good and what is accepted. So for numerous adolescents being like a celebrity or skinny as the models is the only way to look good and have a good self image.

These are some of the most common causes, there could be many more but we need to take a close look at this, educate our child and steer clear of falling in this unfavorable behaviors that hurt the body and mind.

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