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What is it? Red Tea, which is also called Rooibos (in reference to the plant that it comes from), is a common South African tea. It is made from the oxidized and dried leaves of the "Aspalathis linearis" plant. The rooibos plant is grown in a area of South Africa, and in the summer time, the leaves are gathered, lightly beaten, and given a opportunity to oxidize. This procedure produces the red colour. Numerous Africans have utilized this tea for everything from inducing sleep in adults, to comforting upset guests, to cure babies with colic. This tea is known to have plenty of antioxidants, which assists the body combat disease-causing free-radicals.

Well being Advantages of Rooibos/Red Tea

o High flavonoid content o Low tannin content which is great for persons with digestive problems. This can be substantial for those with marginal iron intake o Caffeine-free o Protects against cardiovascular illness o Stopping diabetic vascular complications o Higher level of polyphenolic antioxidants o Soothes intestinal/colon & digestive issues

Rooibos Grades

Rooibos tea has a selection of grades. The grades are associated with how much of the leaf is in the tea compared to the quantity of the stem. With this tea, the much more leaves, the merrier! A higher leaf content material produces a darker, richer, tea.

How to Prepare Red Tea

You can prepare this tea in the same way as you would black tea. And the great component about this tea is the reality that it has no caffeine. Another fantastic characteristic of this tea is the fact that it doesn't turn out to be bitter when it's steeped for a lengthy time. The flavor of the tea is mildly sweet and earthy. It can be sweetened to taste with out affecting the benefits of the tea. You can even prepare iced tea, if you're searching for an option to sodas or sugary drinks. Please note nevertheless, that Red Tea is not the kind of tea that you are in a position to steep more than & over again. Now that you know a bit about this African favorite, why not attempt some these days?

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