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Explainer videos have exploded the market with their recognition due to their simple affordability and higher effectiveness in mounting a company. Their primary aim is to educate the customers about the company and extend the brand name deeper into the intended marketplace. An impact produced by a video is always higher than that of a text as it has a story to tell which relates to audience effortlessly. Explainer videos are fairly well-liked these days with companies who are attempting to reach out to their target audience via promotions on-line.

What are animated explainer videos?

As the name implies, animated explainer videos are compiled audio and visual illustrations which can be used for demonstrating a issue and its answer, presenting flow of a process or helping understand complicated data to the customers. They can also be used for a systematic stroll-via of a website or a mobile application showing all the solutions offered by the website or uses of the application. Based upon the requirement they may contain either of the following components - animated characters, illustrated graphics, numbers, text, statistics or screen recordings with embedded animations and sound effects.

Types of Animated Explainer Videos

There are five types of animated explainer videos:

- Animated videos with characters - these videos include animated characters and are produced from the consumer point of view. A story is told utilizing these animated characters explaining the issue and displaying how your answer can fix that problem. Reside characters assist the clients to easily relate with them.

- Animated videos without characters - these types of videos use illustrated graphics and are great for demonstrating the flow of a process.

- Website and web app videos - these videos mainly use screen recordings which are presented in a systematic step by step walk via of your web site or web application. These videos are the best way to show customers what your services are all about prior to they wish to sign up and avail those services.

- Mobile app videos - these videos primarily use screen recordings which are presented in a systematic step by step walk through of your mobile application. These videos are the very best way to show customers what your application does before they want to register and purchase it.

- Video-Graphics - these videos are mainly informational type produced utilizing numbers, text and statistics and sometimes with embedded animation and sound effects. They are utilized to make the clients understand complex information in a visual way.

Advantages of using animated explainer videos

The primary objectives of utilizing animated explainer videos are firstly, they are excellent advertising methods. Secondly, they help in boosting up the sales of a business by growing its popularity in the market. There are high probabilities of grabbing people's attention by supporting a product with a video than a item without one. Lastly, the explainer videos with higher quantity of views, rank much better in Google search, thus, acquire simple and immediate attention of customers who want to rapidly comprehend and purchase a certain product. They have a potential to create an immediate connection with the target audience.

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