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Numerous individuals go to church and say they think in God but they do not really fully comprehend what that really indicates. In this post my goal is to help you comprehend what it really means to think God and be in the correct state of mind to be blessed. This is not to discourage anybody from believing the way that they do but the objective is to show you how essential it is to understand your accurate relationship with God.

A lot of individuals are being misled by preachers and teachers on tv and in local churches. Personally I have had the opportunity to sit in churches that teach the real word of God and do not reduce corners about how to tap into the blessings that God really has for all of his individuals. The key to knowing how to be in the path of the blessings is to invest time with God and not let something come prior to him. We have to be willing to let our additional time go to God and not to issues that don't matter.

Some Preachers these days are teaching that the way to be blessed is to give much more tithes and providing which is surely not the case at all. Yes providing is the thing that helps the churches stay up and running but God doesn't care how a lot money you give at all because your heart is truly what he is following. How does it look for you to give thousands of dollars and nonetheless reside your life in sin daily. It's like thanks for the cash but you can't buy your way into heaven.

Heaven is not a club that you can go to buy paying a bunch of cash to get in. The way some preachers are maintaining the individuals in the churches is by walking them down memory lane and making them feel guilty about the things they have carried out but the bible says that God is sovereign and he forgives us for our previous sins. We just have to trust and believe that he has truly forgiven us for the issues we have carried out and we have to learn to forgive ourselves.

The accurate way to blessings is to invest time in prayer, fasting, witnessing and forgetting about the things that you want all the time and concentrate on the will of God. God's will for us is for us to have an abundant life and that we live in a way that is pleasing to him which does not consist of greed, speaking foolishly, harming ourselves or others, committing adultery, lying, cheating and stealing. As soon as we begin becoming content with our lives and the things God has offered us then we can be in the correct path for blessings.