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Most men develop some type of preferred routine when it comes to masturbation, including where and when they most enjoy carrying it out, how long, using what aid, and, of course, where position. Certainly guys do tend to switch it up on occasion, but over time, there is commonly some consistency in these areas. However, when it comes to position, are available reasons to switch it up more regularly? Those men that have an interest in proper penis care should consider this and perhaps make some modifications with their routine to prevent desensitization, or worse, injury.

The fundamentals

While you can find variations about what position a guy might take during masturbation, these are basically the six "basics," along with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of every:

- Standing. Masturbating while standing (usually with all the feet shoulder-length apart and also the knees often bent and/or the pelvis thrust slightly forward) can be a classic position. Standing is especially good when the first is seeking to carry out a "quickie;" for lengthier masturbation sessions, it may become rather tiring. Masturbating while standing around the toilet tends to make clean-up easier, as the semen can drop in to the bowl; additionally it is the most preferred way to masturbate inside the shower, although you have to be cautious about falling while so engaged.

- Sitting. Essentially the most popular position, due to the level of computer pornography that is used during masturbation. Sitting in front of a screen provides a man with ample possibility to view stimulating material. It's also simpler to take part in lengthy Masturbators sessions while seated. However, most men masturbate on the computer in a "shoulders hunched" position, and over time this can be bad on the neck and back. Also, men that place a laptop too close to the crotch risk heat from your laptop damaging sperm production.

- Lying around the back. Ahead of the advent of computer pornography, this could very well happen to be the most used position - and it's still in place there. This might be one of the most comfortable approach to masturbate, particularly if a man is applying only his imagination and his awesome hand. Those prone during sex with a laptop or printed pornography may be twisting their health somewhat which might provide strain.

- Lying on the front. Lying prone and masturbating male organ by rubbing it from the sheets permits an approximation from the act of penetrative sex. Sometimes, however, this could drink too much friction for the penis and may make it rather raw.

- Kneeling. Unless one's legs are sufficiently strong enough, this can produce some strain for lengthy sessions.

- On all fours (or threes). On this position, a guy gets recorded on all fours, then uses one hand to masturbate while steadying himself alternatively. Unless you've got sufficient arm strength, it is a position which is great for shorter masturbation excursions.

So which position is best in terms of penis care? That largely is dependent upon the individual, but lying prone, as stated, can make a sore penis. Those that demand a quick way to ejaculation could cause a man to masturbate too vigorously or grip too tightly, which can lead to rawness. Sitting is excellent for lengthy sessions, but poor posture may end up. Objectively, lying about the back probably will be the healthiest for the penis generally. However, mentioned previously, every individual differs along with what can be a deficit position for starters man may be the preferred one for the next.