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There are many different kinds of perfumes for ladies, and these different sorts are essentially how women choose which perfume to wear. If a woman wants to place across a particular aura, then she will wear a certain perfume. At the same time, there are particular perfumes that are much more applicable to particular times of day. Right here are the different kinds of women's perfumes:

- Fresh - this kind of perfume smells clean, young and full or energy. The smell of this type of perfume tends to denote a memory of the ocean, and wishes to remind people of what is considered universally clean-with the ocean being one of them. The names of these perfumes for ladies are usually called things like "ice" or "rain" and the like. These sorts of scents are worn by women who are younger-perhaps mid to late teens-- and these are worn when they do not want to seem to be as well formal or fancy.

- Floral - these kinds of perfumes for women are those that attempt to copy the smell of flowers. These kinds of smells are very feminine and are only used by ladies who want to seem much more feminine. There is generally a particular type of flower that dominates these perfumes for women, but it is not uncommon that it be mixed with something else. The most typical floral smells are these of "lilac," "rose" and "jasmine."

- Fruity - these kinds of fragrances are also meant to denote a fresh kind of feeling, but is a little bit more feminine. Aside from being a bit more feminine, it also denotes a casual type of smell, and ladies who put on this wear it in the morning or on sunny afternoons. Well-liked scents of this kind of fragrance are these of "cherry," "apple" and "cucumber melon."

- Oriental - these kinds of perfumes for women are more exotic, and take a special type of taste in a woman to like it. These women's perfumes denote hints of musk and spice, and always feature components like "cinnamon," "amber" and the like. These kinds of perfumes tend to be extremely powerful, so ladies who wear it should not be afraid to be given interest due to it. If you wish to put on this perfume, it is very best to wear it during evening events.

These are the basic scents that are considered as the underlying categories of perfumes for ladies. Of course, there are these that are nonetheless mixtures of both, and people are attracted to these scents precisely simply because they are a mixture. It is best to choose a perfume that best matches the woman's personality. This way, it will coincide with the woman's attitude and will produce an image of her to the eyes and noses of other people, be it men or ladies.

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