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Underneath the federal law marijuana is classed under Schedule I drug which means that this drug is highly possibility of abuse and there's not accepted for medical use in the usa under federal laws. However, 15 states including Colorado in addition to countries for example Canada, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Israel, Spain, and the Netherlands have legalized the use of Legalizing marijuana. This might be due to the numerous studies that prove the advantage of the drug in the healthcare industry. Medical cannabis in Colorado is considered to aid in the treatment and prevention of continuing development of the following diseases:

Breast cancer - it has been shown that active substances seen in marijuana prevent the spread of cancer within the body. Multiple Sclerosis - marijuana is really a promising treatment for muscle spasticity manifested in ms. HIV/AIDS - studies conducted in schools of medication in California and San Diego had favourable brings about decreasing the concentration of neuropathic pain in these patients. The study ended by smoking medical cannabis 4 times daily. Alzheimer's - the active component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have been shown slow down the continuing development of the condition. The chemical also prevents the formation of proteins that is in charge of the associated memory gaps. Medicinal marijuana in Colorado usage is approved for one more purposes:

-Cancer -Glaucoma -HIV/AIDS positive -Severe and intractable pain -General weakness -Severe nausea -Seizures due to diseases -Constant jerks, and; -Other conditions enlisted through the Colorado Board of Health. In order to smoke medical cannabis, you need to be in a position to qualify and acquire an identification card. You can apply for a medicinal marijuana card with a department assigned from the condition of Colorado to process these applications. In California, they think of it as Medical Marijuana Program (MMP).