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You can choose either sand style or cartridge filters depending on the price, pool setup, filtration, power consumption so when needed. Sand filters tend to be powerful than cartridge filters plus it wants a robust pump.

Hayward C7512 Star-Clear plus Cartridge Pool Filter • Strong, resistant pool filter of cartridge style. • Hassle free and can provide good filtration with a large extent. • This you are as strong as DE style and sand filters, which may be rarely present in filters with the cartridge. • This pool Filter has a built-in starter which cuts down on the headache more buying. • With proper cleaning and maintenance, cartridges are durable for any year. Jacuzzi Laser 19” Inch above Ground Pool Sand Filter • One should expect incredibly cleaner pool water with this above ground pool filter. • The brand name jacuzzi says a whole lot, provides good customer service and assistance regarding any problems. • Easy to create, perform and understand for anybody who doesn't possess any prior experience. • With proper maintenance and cleaning, this filter may last for greater than ten years. Pentair 160317 Clean & Clear Reinforced Cartridge Pool Filter. Best sand filter for above ground pool - Hayward C7512 SwimClear Plus Cartridge Pool Filter, 75 Sq . ft . • High-quality material, supplemented with polyester elements, this gives an optimum part of filtration and traps debris and dirt easily. • Advanced with precision engineered core design, which decreases the energy cost enhancing the water drainage. • Compatible each and every specified chemical from Hayward and offers consistent high-quality service. Hayward C2025 SwimClear Large Capacity Cartridge Pool Filter • Perfect for normal uses, incredibly durable and strong, it's got lots of uses. The hepa filter can be used for commercial pools. • For its huge filter, this can be a must even for your busiest above ground swimming pools it doesn't matter how dirty the pool water is or how regular it been used. Don’t get confused among the best above ground pool filter options. Every filter pops up with own pros and cons, make the best choice from the jawhorse.