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It is important to prepare for the funeral. A funeral is when everyone in the room feels some emotional pain. Our funeral director has compiled a list of the most important etiquette tips on the day of worship.
1. Turn off the phone
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If your phone disappears in the middle of the service, that would be a bad idea. Make sure it is turned off completely, or at least make sure ringtones and sounds are off.
2. Dress code
These are dark opportunities and should be considered as such. Traditional sad clothes are dressed in black. For men who do not wear a black suit, black suits and ties are generally acceptable.
3. On time
The funeral director works on schedule. Some think the delay is obvious and unforgiving. If possible, we recommend that you do not move this line.
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4. Express dol
If you are not sure what you are saying, it is usually best to share one of your favorite memories with the deceased or him.
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Finally, there are some traditions that must be followed at funerals. I hope the above is a good guide to respect these traditions.