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If you a new idea and you're prepared to apply for a Invent Help ideas, you will need a few facts. Here are a few invention submission ideas to get you going.

You will find three categories you can file a patent for.

1) Utility Patents are suitable for any new and useful process, machine, product, or compositions of matter. Useful improvement on existing products can also be patented.

2) Design Patents are suitable for any new and original ornamental design for a preexisting product.

3) Plant Patents could be placed on any new types of plant which is both a unique new variety and reproduces asexually.

Invention submission tips regarding coverage.

Patents are only granted for a 20-year period in the date of filing. Purchase of a patent doesn't provide you with the directly to build your product, applicable laws still apply. However, it can limit ale others to create or profit from your patented product within the U.S. and its territories and possessions. The patent process may be complicated and need the purchase of the patent lawyer. There's a less involved patent you are able to make an application for, the Nonprovisional Utility Patent. This patent only covers your invention for starters year, allowing you to continue development of your idea as patent-pending.

Invention submission tips regarding the basics of the form.

Patent forms are long and also have detailed requirements for each part of the documentation and process. You will need a written description of the invention, plus a name or title. An abstract pointing out what is new within your design is necessary, in addition to detailed drawings when applicable. You can also must present an oath or declaration that invention is entirely your idea and people of one's partners. If you have several inventor around the project, an oath is required of each inventor.

The simple act of mailing the application requires a list of invention submission tips all its own. So that you can get a receipt of your application, when you mail the application you have to include a self-address stamped postcard that itemizes each element of the application.