There Stands The Grass - Quest Walkthrough For Fallout: New Vegas

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File:Http:// fairly long quest that could call for into an overrun vault searching for vital research. Here we inform you the way to survive the attacks in the infected spore carriers inside, find Keely and also the research, and destroy the spores to secure Vault 22.
This is a pretty big quest the other which you probably shouldn't take lightly. You'll need to fight yoru way via a hostile and overrun vault to get some crucial data. I also suggest that you simply bring a flamethrower. It makes things a tremendous amount easier.
Start out by conversing with Dr. Hildern within the Camp McCarren terminal. He's within the first floor and off within an office sideways. Talk to him to engage yourself out as being a mercenary to retrieve the lost research data in the vault.
As you exit, Dr. Williams should prevent you to warn around the dangers on the vault. She'll also ask that you simply choose a friend of hers. Another scientist, called Keely, traveled to Vault 22 by hand prior to came.
Take the long walk nearly Vault 22. Kill the giant mantis creatures right in front and attractive the vault.
If you've 50 points in Repair, you'll be able to repair the primary elevator and then use it for getting around easier. I still suggest you filter the vault normally for XP and equipment. If not, you then'll need to look at stairs and walk throughout the station like that.

To start with, let's cover the enemies inside. The vault is very quiet. The main enemies are spore carriers. If you walk approximately a patch of plants, plus there is a great chance that you of those hidden plantmen will perservere and then try to attack you. If you've a companion together with you, then it is easy. They'll oftimes be competent to kill them before they remain true. If you give consideration and examine patches of green along with your flamer out, its so much easier. They should remain true before they're able to attack. You needs to be in a position to kill them before they even can stand up.
Note how the flamer is pretty useful and burns throughout pretty much everything. When you get deeper in to the vault you'll run across spore plants, which might be mutated venus fly traps that spit toxins. There are also more giant mantises inside vault too. Just shoot this business. They have not much damage resistance and they will die quickly. You should discover a large method to obtain flamer fuel towards the bottom in the vault, so don't fret about burning through what you might have.
There isn't anything particularly interesting about the first couple of floors, excluding the computers with Keely's notes in it.
You will likely need to do some work within the third floor. The usage of the cave is entirely sealed off. It's a catch 22. You're sealed off on the cave since the terminal around the door needs an override to start...though the overseer's computer may be sealed off. You can either jump through some hoops or makes use of the elevator to acquire into the breach from the fifth floor bug control area.
If there isn't 75 points in Lockpick, you should proceed to the Overseer's room and rehearse his computer to unlock the databank room and also the crew quarters. Inside the quarters, there is a keycard that unlocks the the entrance for the cave, so buy it if you don't fix the elevator and choose the lock.

In general, just work towards you about the stairs and obtain towards the fifth floor. The stairs on the Pest Control about the fifth floor are blocked using a furniture barricade, so that you either need to fix the elevator or go approximately the big sealed door for the third floor. If you go through the entrance, just abide by it as a result of the cave.
If you're within the fifth floor, fight the right path through soon you arrive at a lab having a big hole from the wall. Also be aware that this hole from the fifth floor lab is appropriate next for the database you need to access. Go to the reinforced room and access the special computer to download the residual data in the research experiments. I also suggest you go to stairway. There must be an experimental plasma gun with this side on the furniture barricade.
Go through the hole to arrive at a cave. There are a number of mantises about the area plus a a lot of open spore plants on the edges. I did all right seen using a flamethrower and setting everything burning while Cass and ED-E covered me. Just be careful that you wander and get the giant mantises ahead of close.
Keely could be the ghoul with the back in the cave. Talk to her and, visit the up coming article, tell her which the technique is clear and she'll go approximately the Oxygen Lab for the second floor and place up shop at considered one of her old computers. She'll also fix the elevator, in order that it needs to be easier to have around. Head back around the other floor and go in the side lab to speak to her.
Keely includes a decide to clear all with the spores within the air. Luckily for individuals, it relates to a tremendous explosion. You need to return back right down to Pest Control (or potentially clear out the very first time) and walk nearly the double vents near the database computer and cave entrance. Once you help it become there, you must have your companions wait within the database room (or maybe leave them with Keely when you already cleared the location).
The gas is usually triggered by a few things. If you get close enough having an incinerator, then a pilot light right at the end set rid of it. This is obviously not ideal, so keep flame weapons far from it. Energy weapons could get lucky and hang rid of it. The best way should be to use C4 as well as a detonator, but I doubt that a majority of of you might have that already. It's also somewhat of a waste. The most reliable and general option is to work with certainly one of Keely's frag grenades. If you ask her about this, she'll help you search the duffle bag close to her computer. It should have a very few frag grenades from it.
Walk right down to the vents spewing out your gas. You ought to be in a position to see the vapor, so when I said, they're right through the database room. Toss a grenade with the vents and after that run in to the database room and shut the entrance behind you (apparently it isn't really necessary due on the fire's scripting, nonetheless it looks colder). Wait a minute to the flames of burning out of the level and open the entranceway again. Grab your data, when you didn't already, after which walk time for Keely and report your making success.

Things are going to acquire somewhat tricky though. Keely really wants to destroy your data, and may discover that someone has downloaded it (in the event you already downloaded it...I'll cover that possibility in a minute).
The issue that Dr. Hildern will simply pay out your 1200 cap reward in case you provide him the info. On the same note, your reward of either good karma or caps from Dr. Williams is dependent upon getting Keely back alive (even if you can lie with plenty of Speech and cover Keely's death). So you desire to make a call or pass a form of art check.
You can believe her and delete the information. You'll still arrive at complete Williams' side from it along with the info is gone forever.
If you didn't download it yet, then you definately really should have to be able to talk her outside of deleting it with another Speech check.
You can will not delete your data. This will make Keely attack you. She's not really tough, so I can't imagine you'd use a problem with her. Just shoot her once or twice at point blank range and she'll die. Loot the password off her or hack your computer and unlock the entranceway. Note that she's an NCR scientist, which means you'll lose reputation together with the NCR for killing her.
If you admit you want to adopt it to Dr. Hildern and possess over 70 points in Science, you'll be able to convince Keely that deleting your data will just imply it takes place again. If you keep to the path, she'll ultimately agree and let one to transform it in with no struggle. This allows someone to meet every one of the requirements.
There's and a Speech check. You can just lie and convince her that you simply didn't download your data. She should accept it very well to exit you alone and let you exit.
If you're from the vault within Veronica's companion quest, you then should obtain a unique peaceful option.
Make your own preference and walk back for the lab at Camp McCarren. Tell Dr. Williams the favorable or not so great (or lie and double dip) and report your making success or failure to Dr. HIldern.