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How much are you conscious about the significance of having a fireplace damper at home? Getting a fireplace installed or renovated is really not enough. The fireplace should have with it a correct ventilation region, chimney, and a damper. The heat that circulates inside the house should not escape. It's a simple fact that if you do not preserve the fireplace effectively, then you might finish up shelling out more. Moreover, it can be poor for the atmosphere and your health.

Now that it's winter, the fireplace will be in use on a normal basis. But when not in use it should be sealed with climate strips so as to air-seal the damper. Right here are a few tips which will be helpful in reminding you to use dampers successfully -

1. If you are using dampers with gas logs then you need to make sure that the damper is open all all through. If you neglect to let it stay open then you are in a possible health hazard. These fumes will not be in a position to escape which in turn may trigger carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. When utilizing wood-burning fireplaces, make certain that the damper is kept open till the wood has not completely burnt out. If it's not kept open then the smoke will not vent out causing pollution inside the home.

3. Ensure to have chimney dampers installed in your fireplace. The damper in a chimney is generally at the base. But it can also be installed at the top. These dampers help in keeping the moisture out and also assist in acting as a chimney cap.

4. Cleaning becomes truly essential for dampers. You require to regularly clean the damper and the frame off dust, sand, mortar and soot. These matters will prevent the damper from working properly, thereby decreasing the effectiveness.

5. Make sure that you get the dampers checked annually by professionals. The dampers usually have a tendency to leak or open up steadily after use. If it starts to leak the heated air then you may have to spend quite a bit of money to fix it.

Therefore, a routine verify is usually extremely important for the dampers. For dampers to work effectively, they require a continuous care.

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