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You may get a visa, be sponsored by relatives for a green card or get yourself a green card through your own eligibility to be able to migrate for the United states of america..

Immigrant and non immigrant visas:

US visas would help you enter the U.S. Immigrant and non immigrant visas are two categories that might assist in the person's visit. Immigrant visas are issued to foreigners seeking permanent residence within the U.S. Such applicants can use for an immigrant visa in a consular office from the Department of State. Following your visa is distributed, they could enter in the U.S. and be legal immigrants after they move through the port of entry. Non immigrant visas enables a stay to get a limited period of time using a specific purpose.

You will find around 20 kinds of non immigrant US visas for people planing a trip to america temporarily. The amount of immigrant US visas will be more for anyone arriving at live permanently in america. The objective of your US travel determines the type of visa you'll need.

The whole process of รับทำวีซ่า needs careful attention. Despite having all of the documents and meeting every one of the requirements, individuals frequently get the visa application denied. A whole lot is dependent upon the Visa Interview, regardless of whether you successfully obtain the visa or not. All applicants over the age of 14 should make sure that they sign their form. In the event the applicant is below 14, either of the parent can sign the application form. Always enter your present address about the application form and never the permanent address.

Have the photographs taken per the specifications. Follow complete instructions and the procedures associated with having the Visa. Tthere shouldn't be alteration in some of the information given by you and also from your visitor. Fill all the applications neatly and completely. Be also mindful of that which you have filled in the form. Often it happens (specifically in parents' case) when children / sponsor fill in the application form and the applicant him/her self do not know what information is provided. And always give correct and authentic information.

Also verify if details for example name, date of birth, etc match with the knowledge in your passport. Just in case you opt to leave your husband or wife and children behind in your country, expect you'll detail that they will support themselves while you are away. This can be a spot of bother if you are the primary source of income to your family. If the consular official provides the impression that your family will be needing you to definitely remit money from the United states of america in order to support themselves, your visa application will be denied. In case your family will join you in the US at another time, it is beneficial to keep these things apply in the same post where you applied for your US visas.