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Step 1: Install TomTom Home on your computer
Before updating your device, you need to install TomTom Home software on your computer. This software can be downloaded from Before installing the software, take time to install the latest version of TomTom Home.
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Download the software you want to open and log in to your TomTom account. If you do not have a TomTom account, you need to create one before you start.
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Step 2: Connect your GPS device to your computer
After installation is complete and you are logged into your account, you will be prompted to connect your TomTom navigation device to your computer. You can do this with a USB cable. When your computer detects the connected device, a new screen appears asking you to select the updates to install.
If your navigation device is not recognized by your computer, you need to turn it on. You also need to make sure your device is properly connected to your computer. When the MyDrive Connect window appears on your computer, you know it is connected.
Step 3: Follow the update procedure
MyDrive automatically checks for the latest TomTom update. When you find the latest updates, you must click Next to install these updates on your device. Follow the instructions you received before starting the update.
If you haven't updated your TomTom device for a long time, you may be prompted to install some updates. Connect your device to your computer until all recommended updates are fully installed. You need to make sure your GPS device has the latest map.
Step 4: Wait for installation to complete
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When the My Content page appears on your computer, you know that the installation is complete. In this case, the status will show as "Connected" in MyDrive Connect. You will also see a message that the installation is complete.
From here, you can disconnect your device and close TomTom Home. The next time you drive TomTom, you can use the latest map. We recommend that you repeat this process regularly to make sure that your device is always up to date.