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These days, it appears like sending cards have become a somewhat outdated trend simply because of the increased prevalence of communication technologies. But according to numerous surveys and market research projects, individuals nonetheless love to obtain cards with heart-touching messages instead of emails, Facebook messages, SMS or e-cards.

Sending greetings is a traditional method to express love and feelings of affection towards buddies, family members members and other loved ones. Cards influence the receiver as these carry personal messages, even though these take some time to reach the receiver. Emails and e-cards are faster but still do not touch the heart like a common printed greeting card does.

Given beneath are the top 5 reasons to start sending cards now:

1. Make your loved ones happy

A card brings a smile to the face of the receiver as it expresses how much individuals love him or her. It doesn't matter how it appears and how a lot it costs, a want for happiness or a good day creates a great impact on relationships, making both the sender and the receiver happy

2. Make the festive season more joyful

Each year has holidays like New Year, Christmas, Valentine's Day and many more that are among the best occasions to send greeting cards to friends and family members members. Greeting cards not only wish the receivers for the upcoming holiday but also convey the sender's work to make the occasion more unique.

3. Make someone's birthday much more special

Birthdays are the most typical and popular occasions to send warm wishes through greetings. Amongst a number of birthday gifts, it is frequently a card that tops the list. A card with a perfect blend of words and feelings gains importance on someone's birthday. A customized birthday greeting card imprinted with personal photos and messages is regarded as as one of the very best methods to want someone for his or her birthday.

4. Make your partnership blossom

Nothing can surpass the charisma of an "I Love You" or "I Miss You" greeting card when you are in love with somebody and want to express your feelings. Even if you are married, these types of greetings play an essential role in strengthening the relationship.

5. Make someone's wedding unique even when you are absent

A wedding is one of the most essential occasions of anyone's life. Consequently, sending congratulation cards to the couple becomes important. And it becomes much more essential when you are not able to attend the function due to some purpose. A beautiful card can really make up for your absence and will bring smiles to the blissful couple.

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