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Tapping the portrait at the top left of the screen opens various menus.
These menus will be unlocked as your character's level increases.

1. Character

See all information about your character (level, stats, skill and etc.).

2. Achievement

Unlock achievements and titles which give you bound diamonds (achievements) and buffs (titles).

3. Refine

Upgrade equipment through Enhance, Option Enhance, Combine, Seed Enhance, and Transfer.

4. Craft

Create various items you need for Devil Square, Blood Castle, and stat fruits (Strength, Agility, Energy, and Stamina).

5. Friend

Add, delete or block friends.

6. Guild

Create or join a guild that will give many advantages.

7. Ranking

Find rankings for CP, level, Zen, Arena, Endless Tower, and Wing.

8. Journal

Collect monsters' essences to gain buffs.

9. Shop

Purchase limited items, daily necessities, consumable goods and etc.

10. Quest

See information about on-going, available and daily quests.